International dating site europe serbia

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International dating site europe serbia

Though, I don’t have any insecurities dating women who’re taller.

It’s just I know from experience that most women would prefer a taller guy so that they can wear their high heels without feeling insecure themselves.

In some countries approaching is easier because of eye contact (especially Ukraine and Russia).

In Serbia, however, you will almost never receive eye contact (I almost never did).

Generally speaking, you really can’t go wrong meeting women anywhere in the center area. There are tons of different coffee shops and restaurants.

That’s where you’ll meet women who’re just strolling around and not really in a rush to go anywhere.

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Serbians speak Serbian, a south Slavic language, which is the same as Croatian and Montenegrin.

Sure, there were guys my height and women who were shorter, but the average height hovered somewhere around 1.78-1.80 (5’11-6’).

Personally, I prefer women who are my height or shorter.

As a native Russian speaker, I could easily understand most of the written text but being able to understand spoken speech was next to impossible.

Moreover, I’ve heard that if you already speak another Slavic language, becoming fluent in Serbian takes as little as 1-3 months.

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