Instant chemistry dating madonna dating baseball player

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Instant chemistry dating

But, I’ve never walked away thinking the person was anything but friendly, even if I found them attractive. Honestly, this should have just been a hook up bc it was kind of downhill after date 3. I felt intrigued by him on our first date, and thought there was chemistry and at least a potential friendship. In my normal, non-online life, had I met this guy through work or whatever, I would have thought he was sleazy and fake after observing him doing his thing. I tend to be attracted to guys who have dominant personalities.

Does anyone else need more than one date to figure out if the other person is dating material? Some just grabbing a drink and others were walking around or some other activity. You can have chemistry date 1, but it fizzles by date 3. Gotta be careful with “chemistry” and observe people over time. They don't agree with me on everything, they steer the conversation and don't let you do all the talking, they're flirty.

She said it was because she didn't feel a connection.

I really have no idea what she was expecting since we had met online and we're essentially strangers.

Relationships that never would have occurred if these clients only relied on an instant spark.

I’m certainly not saying that the spark is a myth that we make up to justify why we want to see someone again, but what I am saying is that relationships and connections aren’t always instant and they need time to grow!

We always encourage clients to give it a second try – what do you really have to lose?

Writing someone off too soon, may cause you to miss out on the love you’re looking for. Who’s to say these relationships are any less loving, passionate and meaningful than relationships that start with an instant spark? Often people who feel this instant electricity don’t last past the honeymoon stage, because once the spark fades, they lack common values or miss the excitement they once had. Relationships aren’t formed over the course of an hour long lunch date, it takes time to build connections.

The conversation was great, no awkward pauses, she laughed a lot and I was touchy with her.

What more could have happened to make her feel chemistry?

The spark – a feeling of sudden heat, instant passion and undeniable chemistry.

The media, romantic comedies and romance novels, have all programmed us to crave an instant spark.

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I’ve also tried to go on at least two dates with people and it never goes beyond that.