Impotence and dating virgin islands dating

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Impotence and dating

How much of their judgment is a reflection of your self-judgment?

I say this with total mastery as a coach, yet also total vulnerability as a woman.

It seems the women you’ve attracted aren’t understanding or compassionate, yes?

Yet these women are unwilling to take responsibility that they too have issues, yes? I am sorry for your experience and I have an invitation.

Due to my ex-boyfriend’s erectile dysfunction, we couldn’t have sex so the very idea of lust went out the window.

Nothing kills a passionate moment like the inability to perform. Our relationship became about love without the elements of any romance, passion, or physicality.

I felt like it was my fault that he couldn’t get it up even though he assured me it wasn’t. It wasn’t only physically frustrating but emotionally draining as well.

I wondered how long I could stay in a sexless relationship. He wouldn’t talk about it, he wouldn’t see a doctor about it.

If you’re in agreement and a 10 out of 10 ready to shift this now, I’d be honored to be your coach so you can have the results you desire. At the time, I was in my early twenties and up to that point, I’d only dated jerks. We complemented each other so well and our relationship was totally uncomplicated. Finally, I was with a guy who knew how to treat me well.Without butterflies or intense passion, that feeling was fleeting.Without sex, it felt more like companionship instead of the intense, affectionate bond that I craved.

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You honestly hold ALL the power on this one, great man.