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Every second that passes between when they signed up and when they get their discount only decreases their chances of buying. But how do you feel when you reach out to a company to fix it and they don’t get back to you for days? I can’t overstate the importance of quick response times in support.We’ve made the delivery lightning-fast, easy to set up and FREE in Auto Responder. And this, the Support Email, is an easy way to let an unhappy customer know you’re listening (while buying you time to reply).No matter how masterful your “ask” email is, if your first email sucks then you won’t even get the chance to hit “reply.” But here’s the weird thing no one talks about with that first email…It’s weird, seeing as there’s so much out there on how to write a good email (we even wrote an 11k word guide on sales emails). When you’re communicating in 2017, when you say something means more than what you say. Add to that the rise of instant gratification, and missing your email window can certainly mean losing subscribers and customers.You need to send your first, most important email at the right time. The absolute second someone signs up for your email list.Using the Sumo tools, you’d set up a popup in List Builder (most likely a Click Trigger).Then, if someone has a complaint, they can click a link, write a complaint and send it.Check out these two scenarios: It’s nothing fancy (and honestly, they could benefit from adding an expected response time in there).

If there was an evolution chart for automated emails, this would be the the thing on the far left.

It’s the first email -- the one that starts the conversation -- that’s the most important.

The conversation doesn’t start without that first email.

What’s the most important email you’ll send in your life?

Maybe it’s one that’ll close you the deal of a century.

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