Homemade my cam

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Homemade my cam

You'll want to make sure that you still have access to the zoom and focus rings for any fine-tuning.Unless you are looking for a deliberately abstract effect, choose a stocking with a denier of 15 or below so you can actually see through it when it is over the lens.Also consider using transparency film and adding colour with markers, then holding this in front of the lens.Bear in mind that by covering the lens with any object, you will lose some image sharpness.

Play around with the amount, positioning and thickness of cellophane around the lens to get different looks.A spare pair of stockings can make for a DIY soft-focus filter.Simply slip the stocking over your lens and pull taut, then secure around the barrel with a rubber band.While these tips are ideal for interchangeable lens cameras and d SLRs, you can achieve many of the same effects with almost any other camera.Just take a bit more care if you are using items with a compact camera or smartphone.

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Make sure to attach the sticks using a non-marking, easily removable tape such as duct tape so you don't damage your lens.

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