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Even if none of that appeals to you, we’re pretty sure you’d like to see Paul Bettany and Billy Boyd (“fool of a Took! Comic book artists are manifold, but include Mike Grell of . There’s a lot of programming lined up, including a presentation by some guys who built a De Lorean Time Machine.

(I don’t think it actually works, but hey, you won’t know until you go.) Chicago Comic Con runs August 24-27 at the Donald E. This might be the one to attend if you’re into Doctor Who, though sadly, Capaldi won’t be there.

I write on the blog.” So I told the reader I’d try to write about more about my life as a single mom. So then I went on a search—for single mom blogs that whiny. Quite a few focus on dating, but there are some that don’t.

Sure, as a single mom, I face a whole different set of issues from the married mom (and most married moms have gotten a least a taste of the single mom life when a partner travels for business, goes on a mancation, etc.) But whenever I try to write specifically about my “single mom” issues, it just feels whiny.

Sass, Laughs, and Mayhem: Written by a mother and teacher from the Bronx, NY, who’s a single mom of two Single Mother Ahoy!

After that you may want to check out Catherine Tate and John Barrowman of fame.

(We told you it was surprising.) Special events include sci-fi speed dating (your guess is as good as mine), a worldbuilders party, and a cosplay contest.

2016 commence par 2 matchs à l'extérieur pour notre équipe fanion, nous nous retrouverons donc le samedi 23 janvier pour le premier match à domicile de cette nouvelle année.

Au match aller, la Team MBC avait gagné à Roche Vendée Basket. Lors de ce match: - Soirée sponsors - Présentation des équipes U7 et U9 du MBC Match à 20 heures, au cosec de Montfort.

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But here’s the catch: no two conventions are the same. New York Comic Con will also be hosting the 2017 NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay on October 7.

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