Hbo dating game of the 80s

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Hbo dating game of the 80s

But perhaps even more fascinating than watching the actual film itself is this documentary on the making of the film.

It's narrated by Alan Cumming and filled with interviews from those involved with the making of The Other Side of the Wind.

Sadly, for political reasons, these women would never be sent into space.OK, I understand that isn't the most realistic option. I found it to have the most insight into the logistics of what went wrong, which I find very fascinating.Stream on Netflix Orson Welles spent years trying to get enough money to complete The Other Side of the Wind, a mockumentary style film about a Hollywood director played by the late director John Huston.Stream on Netflix By now you've heard plenty of debate over whether you should watch the .Pro tip: Abandon all your responsibilities in life and just watch both.

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Metacritic score: 68 Stream on Netflix Bryan Fogel's documentary Icarus, about sports doping, may as well be called a thriller.

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