Gwibber twitter not updating

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Gwibber twitter not updating

Next, fill in the appropriate information: Unfortunately, as of this writing, a system glitch may prevent you from entering a password. The elimination of this key will seamlessly allow you to enter the appropriate password in Gwibber.

If this is not a problem, click OK when you've completed the form and you'll see a newly created micro-blogging service such as seen in this picture: Click the When entering a password for any number of internet dependent Ubuntu applications a window asking the user to "Enter password for default keyring to unlock" will appear. As an aside, I was very nervous about deleting this key but I had tried and failed a dozen other ways.

I’ve also tweaked my Mac Book’s name so it appears a little more customized on the network (using this guide).

In this article I will give you a preview of what is to come for Ubuntu 10.4 and how easily it will be to tweet, IM, and facebook - all from the GNOME panel.

From the Ubuntu 10.4 GNOME panel the login username is listed (see Figure 1).

Not many other OSes can say they offer such features out of the box.

Not that this particular feature is going to bring Linux to the masses, but if Ubuntu continues growing the OS in ways like this, it's going to become a choice that is certainly hard to resist.

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But to update your status you only need click on your name in the upper right hand corner, enter your status in the text area (see Figure 4), and hit Enter. Once you do that your status will be updated on the associated account.

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