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A global variable flags are persistent, so when you start a new game they are not reset like local variables.They typically are used as bookmarks to mark progress and be used as save points, so you don't have to replay though everything again.We're slowly starting to get more of these in the West, but for the most part relationship-themed games that get localized from Japan are still largely of the variety, where a heterosexual male protagonist pursues relationships with one (or, occasionally, more than one) of the impossibly attractive female cast members.Oddly enough, it's Western developers rather than localization teams who seem to be leading the charge for gradually changing thanks to titles like the excellent Sweet Fuse.

"Raising a character's flags" essentially means that you make choices that improve your standing with that character and which are more likely to put you on his/her route.

This week, we're taking at something a little different, in a number of ways.

game -- a game where you play a female protagonist and, in this case, pursue relationships with people of both genders.

Let's say that there is this other character named Z.

If you get one of Y's good end, you'll active the Y's good end global variable flag.

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