Golden brooks interracial dating

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The girl is a runaway from a foster home and claims she is searching for her older brother Tommy, whom she hasn't seen in eight years.Russell and Allison learn that Tommy had committed suicide by jumping off a railroad bridge.Claire fears the worst when she discovers a lump in her right breast and she secretly goes to a hospital for a mammogram.There, she befriends Rachel (Essence Atkins), who is facing a mastectomy.Dinah uses her mapping and trail skills to locate the child, which impresses Russell.Claire takes a job as a substitute teacher at a high school in Pennsylvania.Promised Land is an American drama series which aired on CBS from 1996 to 1999.

Family friend Erasmus Jones (Ossie Davis) offers his land on which they can park their trailer, until things get better for them.However, Russell must encourage a man (David Graf) to take action against his employer for dumping toxic waste at a local landfill site, which ultimately led to his wife's death from cancer.While visiting a small town in West Virginia, Russell intervenes when he discovers Nathaniel's favorite author (Valerie Harper) is a morphine addict and that her fellow townspeople refuse any assistance because of the bad reputation it would give the town.While the Greenes travel through Colorado, they hear a radio broadcast of a high-school basketball coach (Michael Gross) announcing that he is moving to New Zealand.He has become disillusioned with America and the Greenes must restore his faith.

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