Going to school in a nudist camp Freeporn in al florence area

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Going to school in a nudist camp

Andrew’s Hospital.” Thinking clearly for the first time in days, Monk remembers that this is the hospital where Magneri spoke of having his physical.

Arlene Boras returns to her apartment to find Monk, Natalie, Stottlemeyer and Disher searching the place.

They attempt to distract Monk from seeing the naked bystanders.

Late one night, a young woman named Vickie Deline frantically buzzes the intercom of a palatial beach house belonging to computer tycoon Peter Magneri, imploring him to let her in. Vickie turns around to find someone she recognizes wielding a knife at her.

In fact, he's preparing for a zoning board meeting, where he hopes the nudists will be ordered to move somewhere else.

Anyway, Magneri has a solid alibi for the night of the murder.

Eventually, Monk hits the circuit breaker, killing the lights.

In the ensuing confusion, Monk accidentally grabs Singer’s hand, not Natalie’s, and drags him out of the trailer. At the police station, Monk offers a series of increasingly implausible scenarios for how Singer could have escaped while in police custody the night of Vickie’s death.

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Monk reveals what happened: Arlene was working as an X-ray technician at the hospital a few weeks earlier.