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Play free streaming She's Dating the Gangster online movie without downloading.You can watch online movie streaming in HD 105 Min length.For example, both Athena and Kenji are quite heavy alcohol drinkers at certain parts of the book.

This was exemplified in the book when high school friends, Athena, Grace, Kirby and Lucas went to the same university for their college education.

Bianca Bernardino is an avid fan of different Korean drama that is why she came up with her story; She’s dating the Gangster, commonly talks about a guy falling in love with a girl or formation of an intimate relationship with other people.

She imagined herself as Athena and Kenji as a bad boy in front of other people but sweet guy in front of his sexylove.

This theme is clearly shown throughout the story multiple times.

From Kenji’s prior extreme sadness and negligence towards his safety when he and his ex-girlfriend, Abigail, broke up to his eventual fate after watching Athena’s one-year-old video for him, the book showed that the effects of heartbreaks especially to teenagers are truly drastic and life-changing.

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She made use of her experiences and also the concept of Korean dramas which made it as an inspiration to accomplish this ” Online fan fiction that swept the Pinoy K Generation – She’s dating the Gangster”In contrast to the very fast paced relationship that Romeo and Juliet had, Kenji and Athena’s love story is very slow with numerous challenges that have been undoubtedly experienced by a typical couple in our society today at one point in their relationship, directly or indirectly.