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Free sexy gamber video chat

This show throws all realism out of the window and declares that the best gamblers are those who are addicted to gambling, not those who stay calm. It's always fun to watch a naïve sexy self destructive intelligent gambler destroy and toy with the school government because she finds it fun and stimulating.Viewers will soon realize that the outcome will always be the same, yet it's the 'how' that makes this show great.Who knew the calm lady like seiyuu from Ano Hana could portray the role of a horny psychopathic addict.Aside from its predictable story and one-dimensional characters, the show does a phenomenal job in the art, animation & sound department. The OP, Deal with the Devil, is actually a refreshing change from usual Jpop to classy jazz for that smooth chill vibe.

The epic Boss, President and Yumeko, if looked at closely, are just same psychotic characters on the inside except their outer characteristics are inverted from each other.Moreover, the blended CGI animation with bold vibrant colours really brings out the inner psychopath that exists not only in the characters in this show but in our hearts.Overall, Kakegurui is just one of those crazy psychotic animes you want to watch because you love going on a thrill ride fully knowing the end destination.The show revolves around Yumeko and Suzui, both archetypal foils of one another, trying to unearth the "system" and win the boss battles to reach the top, aka face the Student Council President.Although the start of the show was amazing, mid-way the story takes a huge nose dive of boredom and it barely comes back up with the anime having an original ending instead of staying true to the manga.

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If you are into gambling and you love psychopaths yet cute characters then this anime is for you! It's your run-of-the-mill high-school anime where the MC wants to throw a wrench at the flawed school council system. Here's a fun fact, they are all cheaters, except the MC of course.

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