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You can just change this query string whenever the file is changed. The js file will now be updated in your cache and the code should run as you expect.adapted from: I've had this problem before, it's very frustrating but I found a work around. This will make sure your browser always reloads the file, because it thinks it's a different file because of the random number in the url.

Meanwhile, the “Quantum Compositor” project significantly reduced crashes caused by buggy graphics drivers.Firefox Quantum: Developer Edition also includes a ton of refined, redesigned, and brand new developer tools.A few highlights: a major milestone in Project Quantum, but we’re not done.The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. happened when I made a backup of my file, which I simply added "_thedate" to the end of the name. Now I cannot seem to get rid of the old JS no matter what unless I change the name of the file, which I really don't want to do, or add the script to the PHP page, which crowds it. You are sure you are linking to the same file and then editing that same file?

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Now from the Chrome menu or use Ctrl Shift J shortcut instead or you can bring the console to front by right clicking on the page and select ‘Inspect element’ , …

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