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Feel free to pick the largest sunglasses and creepiest grin available.Currently, your character's features and clothing can be re-customized at will, so don't stress out too much about getting just the right look the first time.In a typical MMO, your initial character creation choices will have a long-term effect on your character's path. The only relevant difference between character Races and Bloodlines is cosmetic: different options for your avatar.Some people choose their initial race for Roleplay reasons, for unlike most MMOs, EVE has a very large and detailed background that contributes to a very vibrant --if marginalized-- role play community.After you customize your avatar, you’ll go to a character portrait screen.Feel free to spend a few minutes in the virtual photo booth staring into the lifless doll's eyes, twisting and turning your character into the most grotesque of poses.The Caldari praise efficiency and utility over everything else, caring nothing for such wasteful concepts as "art" or "looks" in their designs.The Caldari once hailed from the same home system as the Gallente, but their drastic differences in cultures have at one point caused the two to war.

Besides their bizarre look, Gallente ships would probably fit in well with the Federation from Star Trek--all around good at everything thrown their way.

The Gallente actually elect their leaders and make choices as a Republic, unlike the other races.

Gallente ships are the exact opposite of Caldari: form over function.

In Star Trek lore, they generally look reminiscent of Romulan combined with Cardassian ships.

An oligarchy of numerous corporations united under a single state-run corporate empire.

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Tribes of freed slaves who rebelled against their Amarr overlords in the past and set up an uneasy truce with the other empires.

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