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Ethan and tiffany dating

She said that no, there is no good news to share at the moment and thanked everyone for their concern.

She also clarifies that she went to Morocco for filming.

Tiffany and Bo-Chieh met while collaborating in the movie, early this year.

He said he avoids watching his girlfriend’s intimate scenes in dramas, as it makes him uncomfortable.

He said the scene was very difficult for him to film as he was supposed to act more submissive and shy.

Naturally, a biological reaction occurred when Regina touched him inside his pants, and Ethan felt embarrassed afterwards.

During an interview, Tiffany praised Bo-Chieh for being a “gentleman” while filming bed scenes.

Bo-Chieh also posted many photos with Tiffany on his social media.

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She further comments that Liu is "an absolutely good person" and "someone who brings her happiness," which is why there was an outpour of congratulations over the 34 year-old actress having said her I Do's.