Error updating view show some dating magazine

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Error updating view

It means that you cannot download any new updates on your computer and hence risk the security and functioning of your computer.

ABC is my DSN name and the server is '10.0.12.xx\poosd'. You say that when you use the datasource name no values are inserted into the table. If so then perhaps you could attach the trace file.Does your ABC datasource still open and are you still seeing the original problem?That ABC problem still persist I tried to trace but in the txt file iam nt getting anything,then after that tried to load via text file to sql through tm1 then the eroor was same as i posted that ODBC driver error some thing of that type ora driver.In some cases, the Windows Update Troubleshooter might be able to fix the issue related to the windows update, but it is not always successful.In this particular case, the troubleshooter shows Potential Windows Update Database error Detected, but would not be able to fix the detected error and when trying to fix the issue, it returns as “Not Fixed”.

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(Oracle in XE, C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\BIN\sqora32.dll).. I you cannot use it from within Excel then the problem is with the datasource itself and nothing to do with TM1, and you need to go to Oracle or Microsoft information sources to find out why.