Emma rigby dating updating iphone 3g to 4

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Emma rigby dating

Sarah tells Suzanne about Hannah's "drug use" and Suzanne confronts Hannah about Sarah's accusations.

Hannah begins attending Hollyoaks Community College and getting her life back on track.With Suzanne still convinced Hannah was taking drugs, Hannah lies to her mother that her recent behaviour was because Gilly had sexually assaulted her. After days of abuse from Rhys and Josh, being hounded by Suzanne, and having her condition misunderstood by Neville, Hannah feels she needs to escape.She engineers a plot to escape the country with Melissa, who is worried that being force-fed will cause her to get fat.Hannah tells everyone she wants to get better, but her anorexia continues.She hides it from her family by asking for food and then hiding it in her room.

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One night, Hannah and Nancy are babysitting Tony and Mandy Hutchinson's daughter Grace, who dies from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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