Eastern euopean girls dating america men allison apollo baver dating ohno

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Eastern euopean girls dating america men

But after countless conversations with both Ukrainian women and men, I realized that it has more to do with Ukraine specifically than the fact that Ukraine is a low-income country.

After all, Latin America and SE Asia have their poor regions as well, but people aren’t exactly eager to screw each other over for some short-term gain.

An aspect of EE culture that’s very different from Latin America, Southeast Asia or even the US is that there’s a certain element of stoicism and “alphaness” present.

Eastern Europe isn’t exactly a paradise on earth: there’s lots of poverty, poor job security (companies can hire and fire people as they please), so you must be pretty tough and aggressive to survive and make ends meet (not to mention even prosper).

Keep that in mind if you’re someone on the shorter side of the spectrum.

As of this writing, the median income in Ukraine is something like 0/month. In the other big cities, it’s closer to something like 0/mo.

In America, everyone can potentially be well off, and women themselves can make more money than men, so there’s less of a need to hunt down that serious “alpha”—that successful guy who’s making a ton of money.

Whereas here in Ukraine, where the majority of the population makes enough to subsist, that’s a lot more important.

They have also been plenty of women who’ve been at least my height or taller.

Ukrainian women also love to wear high heels and once they do, they automatically become at least 5’9” and taller.

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I can also guarantee you that other Ukrainians would agree with me as well.