Dynamically updating html

Posted by / 23-Feb-2020 16:32

Dynamically updating html

The first Property Control will display the following fixed values: We then want to create a second Property Control.

In the image below, the user has selected to update the temperature, so the second property control shows both ‘Fahrenheit’ and ‘Celsius’.If the user has selected to update the weight, the second Property Control will show ‘Kilograms’ and ‘Pounds’. My workbook simply has multiple columns of data which will be summarized visually in a tag cloud (I have the tag cloud part taken care of already creating either a jpg or png, I simply have to change the extension within a batch file to change between picture formats) I need to have the tag cloud image display and update depending on which column the user would like to summarize (for now I have simplified the issue by only having one of the data columns in my workbook, and will worry about the user selection of the data column to be summarized later).The file name can stay the same if need be and for now I think/assume that'd be easiest (I have my Tag cloud generator just replacing the previously existing image file of the same name).Would Active X control be the way to go for this dynamically changing image?

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properties and then click on the elipses next to "Picture" and select the image.