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You know maybe it was for love, maybe it was the drink, I don't know! Seriously man just tell me what you did so I can help you. I used to read the newspaper to you right before bed. So I'm gonna run an ad in all the newspapers up in Northern California. "I lost my father as a boy, mother told me he was dead.

You are a good man, and you made a horrible mistake! Benny: I'll tell you what I did when you were a kid. " And then I'd look at the paper and tell you, "It doesn't say..."George: Well, I'm still trying to find my dad.

Look, I didn't have a dad, and I pray that my mom would come home at 6 so I can see her before bedtime. [starts turning on kitchen appliances] And the mixer, and the toaster, and the blender, and the food processor, and the microwave! I can afford it all, because I'm not a failure, I'm a big success!

For mobile application usage, we used Flurry Analytics data, which now tracks over 90,000 mobile applications. George: U want something and the answer is no your just to younger for it. Carmen: Mom & Dad everyone in Allenalde dated Benny: Wow George: Mom Benny: If I wasn't 50 younger he would be your daddy George Jason: I'm here to see Carmen to apologized George: Jason are u crazy what if the šŸ‰ team find u, u have to eated (George gasp) the debate teams Jason: I'm captain of the debate team George: "O Que La" SPLIT Decision[3.06] Ricky: Okay. George is arrested for assaulting his father; Manny wants to clear the air so he drops the charges and George invites him over to dinner on the same night Benny is bringing her younger boyfriend, Randy, over to meet George.Dubya, Dad and Dating (Part 2) was the second part of a two-episode Season Three opening story arc, also the 30th overall series episode.

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At least with me, I grew up in a rough neighborhood surrounded by criminals, I was lucky!

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