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Users combine output volumes in Step 5 (e) and inject a volume of 0.3m L via routes suggested in Steps 6 (f).The Mouse Dosage Calculator The Mouse Dosage Calculator is a computer-based spreadsheet application designed using the Microsoft Excel 2010 software platform.Following mouse weight, number of animals to inject, and the desired drug or drug combination inputs, the Mouse Dosage Calculator instantly displays the necessary stock and dilutant volumes to combine along with the working concentration of the preparation.All calculations were standardized to produce a final injection volume of 0.3m L.Such changes can result in a less effective product, or one that causes more painful administration and unpredictable absorption.The agents selected in this calculator should therefore be labeled with an expiration date of no more than 28 days, and discarded after this timeframe.Calculations for working concentration of each individual drug are reliant on all components of a solution, thus making determination of working concentration for individual solutes in a multi-dose preparation rather complicated.

In order to determine appropriate administration of drug agents, health care professionals employ the formula below to first determine the amount of the original drug stock solution needed.Post-dilution, the expiration date must be clearly marked on the container. Pharmacopeial Convention states that the beyond-use date of a multiple-dose container is 28 days, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.Although it is always preferable to make up a fresh solution on the day of administration, when this is not possible there are federal regulations that must be considered. Drug package information should provide storage information, and should be adhered to closely to prevent inadvertent degradation or alteration of the drug’s physical form.The calculator has been field tested by veterinary technicians within the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Laboratory Animal Resource Center on a range of mouse cases.The Challenges of Compounding Commercially produced preparations of drugs in concentrations ideal for mice are not readily available.

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For ease of use, our calculator functionally reverses the calculations described above in order to deliver a standardized final injection volume of 0.3m L per animal.

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