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Dreamdating net

His story should have been a warning to mankind so that it would not challenge the will of the gods, but it was not... A hundred years ago, the adventure of flying began with the Wright brothers and their dual propeller glider with a gasoline engine.

From that moment on, man crowned a dream dating back to the minds of his ancestors.

One of these finds is certainly the so-called "Saqqara glider".

The naturalist-biologist Ivan Terence Sanderson had a completely different outcome during his simulation.

By modifying the model and using balsa wood instead of sycamore, he proved he could make it fly with just a slight push - even making it glide.

You can get away without a horizontal stabiliser as shown (but it is a balancing act, literally - tricky), however you’re not going to get into straight gliding flight without a vertical stabiliser, period!

You find this out quickly experimentally, throw it.

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