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So be careful and don’t assume that all products sold at the local auto parts store are suitable.The next facet of tire ownership is determining the correct air pressure for the load and size of the tires and then maintaining it.Proper cleaners and tire dressings may be a little more difficult to locate at the local auto parts store but the extra effort will lead to better longevity.In order to clean the tire, first completely wet it, then spray thoroughly with a mild cleaner made specifically for tires such as this one from Griot’s Garage.Most tire manufacturers state that 10 years is the absolute maximum that a tire should be in use, as long as it has been properly maintained, and preferably covered while in storage.This time limit is from the date of manufacture of the tire, not the date you installed them or purchased the coach.Also, if you are able to see the belts or plies of the tires through the cracks, the tires should be replaced.

In addition to looking for obvious problems such as road hazard damage or bulges, you need to also carefully look for sidewall cracking.Many commercially available tire dressings are aimed specifically at the automotive industry, where tires quickly wear out in a few years due to tread wear.Motorhome tires usually fail from sidewall damage, overloading/underinflation or age.There is a DOT date code on each tire but it could be on the inside or the outside sidewall, so you may have to look on both sides to find it.When buying new tires, personally check the date codes to make sure they are the newest possible.

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We downloaded a load/inflation chart for these tires – which are 295/75R22.5 load range G, Firestone FS591s – and, using the weight of the coach and size of the tires, were able to determine the ideal inflation pressure.