Does consolidating student loans affect credit score 1on 1video chat for 18

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Does consolidating student loans affect credit score

Student Loan Refinancing: This involves getting a private loan to replace some (or all) of your existing student loans.You can consolidate Federal loans, but you cannot consolidate private loans.If you take out a different loan each year of college, maybe a couple summer sessions - you could have a variety of loans at different places.In such instances, it may be worth it to consider a student loan debt consolidation loan (a mouthful isn’t it?This article contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers.

If your loan payments are in default, you will be required to make at least 3 consecutive monthly payments before you can apply for the Federal student loan debt consolidation loan.WARNING: DON'T MAKE THIS STUDENT LOAN CONSOLIDATION MISTAKEThe first big problem that can happen with student loan consolidation is that, since you can consolidate just about every type of Federal student loan, you can accidentally put a loan type in your new consolidate loan that prevents you from having certain repayment plans. You can't transfer it to them, and you can't allow them to consolidate the PLUS loan into their loan.The most common problem involves PLUS Loans Made To Parents. However, if you're a parent with other student loans in your name, and now you have this PLUS loan, you could potentially add it to your other loans via consolidation.Your interest rate will be the weighted average of all the loans you consolidated (rounded up to the nearest 1/8 percent), and your payment should also equal the sum of all your individual payments.Because remember, student loan consolidation is about convenience in paying multiple loans – nothing else.

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Here’s an example: If your payments currently come to a total of $250 across multiple accounts and you apply for a debt consolidation loan, that payment could come down to say $120.

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