Do tall guys like dating short girls Online sex dating camera on phone

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Do tall guys like dating short girls

What’s interesting is how women use height in gauging their attraction for men.

It is also noted that height is a “masculine” characteristic.Taller men may be seen as more dominant and assertive (Melamed, 1992).In evolutionary terms, a larger man may have been able to provide more protection to their offspring, have greater genetic qualities to pass on to their future children, and thus may be awarded with greater social status.Researchers suggest this happens to optimize our potential dating pool (Salska, et al., 2008). If we all only dated men who were 6’4” or taller, there would be so many people who were dateless, and competition for these tall men would be tough.

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In addition, if height signals physical dominance, it is likely that taller men make women feel smaller, protected, and perhaps more “feminine” as well.