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Sincerely, TBP & PU Staff Dirty Dating Live is a hardcore video site featuring footage of real swinging couples at lifestyle parties.

Their events are held primarily in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, and the Miami area.

Local couples come together to frolic and fornicate with their spouses partying side by side with them.

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These are real scenes of real swinging couples; nothing is staged and these couples seem to honestly enjoy themselves.

Dirty Dating Live films all the parties and orgies and displays them on their site for their members only. It looks like there are around 46 complete scenes on the site, but all of them are broken up into multiple parts.

The only indication that updates are happening is a single line on the tour showing that the last update took place 4 days ago. At least that's something, but a more visible log would be nice (and more frequent updates wouldn't be a bad thing either).

Dirty Dating Live offers up a very entertaining collection and a fun theme that fans of real amateur swinging action will definitely enjoy. My Opinion: Yes, never seen this content anywhere else.


Unfortunately, the site comes up short in some important areas.