Difference between dating and boyfriend girlfriend relationship at consolidating

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So, whether at school, workplace, or even in a train or a bus, we tend to start a conversation with others.However, despite talking and interacting with so many people, we make few friends and enter into far fewer relationships.While you are into dating, you don’t expect your date to constantly tell you about their whereabouts or ask you about your details all the time because you guys are pretty casual and that’s ok!In short, dating means fewer expectations and more fun.But, when you are dating none of the two bring this topic up.Commitment is beautiful for sure, but for those who are dating and don’t plan to get into a relationship, it is nothing but a phobia.There are casual relationships, but there are also strong relationships based upon love and trust between a man and a woman.Let us find out if there are any differences between friendship and relationship in this article.

We all expect something or the other from each other, but the expectations of a relationship are completely different.

Communication is something that can make or break any relationship.

It is really important to communicate when you are in a relationship.

It is very simple mathematics, but at times it becomes really difficult to be followed and that is why relationships fail.

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Friendship is a close bonding between two or more people where there is mutual affection for each other.