Depredating birds

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Depredating birds

Though occasionally they are portrayed as wise heroes, usually they are evil portents of misfortune.

In much the same way the absence of legs makes the snake unappealing, the physical appearance of crows makes them unpopular.

And, as if things were not bad enough, the crow has an ugly, coarse caw, despite being in the same avian order as nightingales, wrens, and mockingbirds.

Although crows are familiar birds throughout North America, few people are aware of the complicated lives these birds lead.American crows differ in more ways from these familiar songbirds than by their lack of a song.One of the most marked differences is in their family life.What appears to be a typical small flock of birds is, in fact, a cohesive family unit.The group consists of a breeding pair and their offspring from the last three breeding seasons.

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Crows are frequently found or taken as nestlings and make very personable, if illegal, pets. The usual reasons given are that they are noisy, or that they kill little birds.