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Dd intimidating presence

It is rumored that Hitler committed suicide when it seemed inevitable that the Allies would win.By September 1945, the German Reich (which lasted only 13 years) and its Axis partners (Italy and Japan) had been defeated.The testing criteria of the East was also much more rigid than that of the West Germans.They were bred for strong bones to handle the great distances they would be expected to patrol.These strict regulations on the breed resulted in the formation of the DDR Shepherd -- As mentioned before, these government standards included tracking abilities, athleticism, toughness, survival abilities, etc.Other breeding criteria of DDR dogs stated that they could only be bred if they were completely free of hip dysplasia.

In May 1945, Nazi Germany collapsed when Berlin was taken by Soviet and Polish forces.

The government controlled the German Shepherd pedigree registration and breeding program because they saw the DDR German Shepherd as a military canine.

Extremely rigid breeding guidelines were put into practice.

It began 50 yards deep on the East Berlin side, with a high wall greeting potential escapers.

Next came an alarmed fence, then dog-runs patrolled by specially trained DDR GSDs.

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Agree with the standards or not, one cannot argue that it did assure that for almost 40 years only the dogs who met strict criteria were allowed to breed.