David hoskinson dating

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David hoskinson dating

As an industry we need to stop thinking about vendor lock-in, and start thinking about contracts above the platforms.

You don’t need to create a moat around your business – for example Amazon Web Services doesn’t lock you in.

We need to say our developer experience, privacy, and operations are better than our competitors.

At the end of the day this about putting power to the edges, and [remember] these are not products of companies, and one day, some way, somehow, I will […] not be working on Cardano.

And if I’ve done my job correctly it should be as powerful or more powerful than when I was there.”“I don’t worry about this [regulation and Cardano being deemed a security] because it is facts and circumstance.

Inventors of TCCIP had no idea about wifi or 4G or other layers we have today, but their protocol is the bedrock for these technologies because of the design.

The censorship resistance of the EOS platform has yet to be rigorously tested, and EOS has faced significant scrutiny since their mainnet launch for censoring transactions and blacklisting certain addresses for not adhering to the rules of their ecosystem.

“With Cardano we are doing innovation, and that moves the tradeoff profile [between centralization, security, and speed].

It’s clear that Ethereum needs a scaling solution to facilitate meaningful applications, as evidenced recently by the transaction mining trend exponentially increasing the gas fees associated with transacting on the Ethereum blockchain.

“Design decisions that went into Ethereum were counterproductive to being a world computer, such as treating every transaction the same.

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