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Datingthoughts com

Inside, she’s just a little girl scarred by her parents not-so-great relationship and a dark home-alone incident as a young girl.

She’s 100% genuine and just wants to find true love.

As a viewer, I’m stomping my feet in frustration at every missed opportunity for even the slightest show of affection towards Jang-mi by Ki-tae.

For God’s sake, Ki-tae, you found Jang-mi first in the dark and you choose to berate her instead of comforting her. male lead Han Yeo-reum has to swoop in there for you? He better step up his game soon or else, I’m getting off this ship and pulling out all my hair! In the first episode, I truly wanted to strangle her.

You might not be like a cheetah or a lion, but anyone can be like a wild dog.

Wing Girl Kim gives a woman's perspective on dating to offer honest and sound dating advice for men.

No one seems to be changing, and the main love-line is progressing at a snails-pace.

He pretty convincing in this role, and he’s totally my flavor of the month!I can see how tired of being manipulated and controlled by his mother and his crazy barbie ex-fiance.Ki-tae as a character is quite prickly and unapproachable, but I love how Jang-mi is always the one to cross the line with him and push through that hard exterior.She needs to start living for herself or this drama ain’t going nowhere.Now for the characters I hate, which is basically everyone else. She also extremely controlling and manipulative which is the main reason Ki-tae broke up with her. Lee Hoon-dong (Heo Jung-min) is the useless owner of an upscale restaurant his parents gave him. He is Jang-mi’s boyfriend in the 1st episode but breaks up with her in the most cowardly way.

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Alpha-dogs, if you can only buy one dating book, this is it. And I owe a lot of it from the advice of Wing Girl Kim and her book: “If a book can be a man’s best friend, then Alpha Dog is IT.

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