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Dating your best friends girl

In an increasingly hostile, high-stakes dating pool, the idea that you can invest your energy in friendship for better returns feels like a blessed relief.Prioritising great friendships over a mediocre relationship; that still stands up, even if our faux Buffalo boots from down the market do not."They never slagged him off directly, but would raise their eyebrows or go ostentatiously quiet whenever I talked about him," she remembers. While letting your friends scare you off a new datemate could mean missing out on the love of your life, the opposite situation – friends who think the sun shines out of your SO's arse – can present just as many problems."He’s shy, and they made no effort to get to know him or enjoy his company. For a while, I really thought I was making a massive mistake."A few years on, it’s Louisa’s friends who are long gone. I was so hurt that they wouldn't even try to engage with this person I loved," she says. Not least when you start doubting your own instincts."Everybody loved Alan," says Rachel, 33. But over time he became possessive and jealous – quietly and behind closed doors.Spend time telling your girlfriend the fun things about your best friend and why she’s your person.

want to clasp their best friends to their bosom like human armour?

Whether for good reasons or superficial, knowing you have your mates' approval can help you feel more content.

Yes, according to Louisa, 28, whose best friends took an instant dislike to her new boyfriend.

So does building a strong support network to underpin your love life.

Back in 1992, researchers found that a female partner's "perceived network support" increased the stability of her relationship.

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In fact, it was one of the key pillars of girl power.

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