Dating voicemail message teen dating website

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Dating voicemail message

Follow these steps to record your name and greeting, and to select which greeting you want callers to hear.

Record your name to let callers know that they have reached the correct mailbox.

Hacking and tapping are two very different activities although if there is any truth in this I would assume that given the money involved in stories of high profile people then it is vey likely that both voicemail hacking and phone tapping are both taking place.

I would also assume that various other forms of bugging are also being used.

Press 2 to record/ change Personal Greeting For Voicemail Plus 1.

Press 2 for Malay VOICEMAIL PASSWORD For Voicemail Basic 1. Press 9 to activate/ cancel password -Press 1 to cancel password -Press 2 to activate password For Voicemail Plus 1. It is however much harder to achieve these days but not impossible if you have the necessary equipment.No mention of mobile phone cloning has been reported but I just thought I would mention it as an option that may have taken place.To record your name: Your alternate greeting lets callers know that they have reached the correct mailbox and hear a brief message from you.Often, this message specifies when you will return and provides contact information for the person or people who can help callers during your absence.

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