Dating the chase

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Dating the chase

He’s now left wondering that if with hardly any effort I have caught a prey, what could I be capable of catching if I continue hunting by putting in more effort and going further into the forest to explore? Whilst the reality is that there’s no guarantee that he would find a better, or bigger prey it’s unlikely to stop him trying and devaluing a perfectly good prey that he has already caught...

Going back to the responses above, it appears that for once both men & women are on the same page – women believe men need a chase to sustain their interest and men are attracted to the challenge!

Yet men complain that women play too many games, so to be honest it’s sometimes hard to know where to draw the line...

" "To be honest I think it is a total waste of time if two people really like each other. However, given that men don’t stay in a relationship they haven’t chased it would be higher up on my importance list then I would like..." "The chase - definitely required – it’s a test of self worth!

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