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Dating site isn’t the same as Facebook, the aim of dating itself is to get ‘someone’ to like you and meet you and dating site could be only for hook ups.

You literally need to call him right away if you ever seen him on dating site.

The truth (but sadly) cheating on long distance relation is very common but it depends on the quality of your relationship, if you have happy-loving and trust each other relationship it might be not possible if he is cheating right?

Communication in long distance relationship is very important since we could get miscommunication and it will lead to fighting to each other.He is scared that he get exposed by you whilst you visiting him, this is a clear sign that something is wrong with him.Try to give him a surprise by visit him without telling him and see his expression. On this case, he doesn’t want you to know about his life in his new place, new work, new friends.)We know that in a relationship, it is important to see each other, and long distance relationship doesn’t work that way so the video can possibly call help you out with this case. You might need to pay attention to this, because it’s easier for them to text you so you don’t get to see his guilty-cheating face through video calls.Or she probably lying about where his life and other possibilities could occur.

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