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He reported that Afghan gay men are at risk of systematic honour-killings, ‘sexuality cleansing’ and physical violence by state and non-state actors. They didn’t give me food and they tried to change me. Government don’t mention them, they don’t want to appear in TV and media. If they reveal their gay identity they will receive threats. Homophobic views and violence against LGBT groups in Afghanistan are pervasive.They made me fear from religious punishment and Quran and they tried to kill me if I didn’t change my nature. Kabul is a political hub where many powerful groups flex their muscles using tribal influence, wealth, and violence with an obvious and iniquitous agenda to contribute towards political and social order across Afghanistan including in the capital itself.A local organisation who secretly provides health services to the LGBT community in Afghanistan has stated that many gay men who visit them are unhappy and share stories of forced marriages, harassment, risks and dangers they encounter on an everyday basis from their families, community, government officials etc.Most of them live a life of stoic acceptance who sooner or later will be a target for Islamists."“Because I am like a girl I was raped in Farah province, with a pistol to my head when I was 22 in 2014. Credit: Ahmad Faizi“Following this my mum sent me to Kabul and I stayed there for six months. It is difficult to meet another man for serious relationship because everyone is scared about getting killed and revealing their sexuality.I lodged a complaint against the perpetrator but I was asked to take the complaint back with the suggestion that rape was my fault and I should have left because honour is more important than life. There are many insurgents and organised groups in Kabul.

In this context, geographical distances and mobility play little or no role in protecting gay men.

In a country that punishes the prudent while protects the profligate, “homosexual relationships are scrutinised in private.

This is the reason they never make headlines and receive any news coverage,” says the Director.

It is important to understand the difference between is equivalent to child sexual abuse whereas having a self-defined sexual identity is a human right set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights., Afghanistan is yet to provide stringent penalties and govern bacha-bazi activities (although the president has vowed to criminalise the practice), however it has denied rights to those who choose a life of freedom. The government capture gays and will imprison them for 10-18 years.

I also spoke to 28-year-old Khyber (a pseudonym used for his protection) who is currently on the run in Mazar-e-Sharif. It is clear for Afghans that it’s a big crime here. There are [many] human rights organisations working with the government in Afghanistan and none of them can prevent punishment for gay men.” “As a gay man, it is dangerous thing to go on a date in Afghanistan.

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Gay men are seen as an easy target for exploitation by police and military forces and to make political statements [within the kinship setting]”.