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For example, some ICs may actually hold the January Advisory Council meeting in February or the October Advisory Council meeting in September.Awarding components may not always be able to honor the requested start date of an application.The report, “Promoting Preventive Services for Adults 50-54: Community and Clinical Partnerships,” identifies a set of recommended preventive services, delineates successful strategies to promote and facilitate their delivery in community settings, and provides national and state-level data to monitor progress in these services reach this key population.Included in the report is a State-by-State Percentages for Key Indicators pull-out chart providing easily-referenced data for each state on key indicators for recommended preventive services.The Wage and Hour Division will use BLSs quarterly data that is published in mid-June.The e98 web page will be temporarily unavailable for a week during the update process.For more information, please visit the Nondisplacement Final Rule Webpage.

Learners can create a free login account and take the course at no cost. population, increasing the use of preventive services by adults aged 50 or older is a key public health strategy.

The target of this objective is to increase by 10 percent the proportion of men (from 46.3% to 50.9%) and women (from 47.9% to 52.7%) who are up to date on the core set of clinical preventive services by the year 2020.

This approach aims to provide a more meaningful measure of the delivery of clinical preventive services in the community.

Applicants should refer to the IC Table of Contacts for information for each IC's scientific/research contact for the NRSA T32 program.

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For information on policies, wage rates and/or benefits, please call (202) 693-0073 or email WHD-WDS-Policy [email protected]

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