Dating scent bottle

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Dating scent bottle

Pontil marks come in several different stylistic types with variation within the different styles.Probably at least 95% of pontil scarred utilitarian bottles date to or before the Civil War era (1860-1865).The gaffer quickly inflates the bottle and efficiently bursts-off the blowpipe while pulling the blowpipe away from the mold.

Their quantities would be very small in any post-1920 archeological assemblage." The following link is to an amazing early 20th century film clip of a mouth-blown "shop" blowing bottles. Beautiful example of a 19th Century Victorian antique moulded and polished glass perfume bottle, hand decorated with gilding.Immaculate condition, no dings, chips or restoration, ...The site features images of vintage bottles as well as specific info and timelines to assist in dating and verifying authenticity.Content is mostly user-submitted, so if you have bottles that you don’t see here please click the submit link and contribute your photos!

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It shows two gaffers and one mold boy in smooth and efficient action.

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