Dating sagittarius women

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Dating sagittarius women

The planet itself represents heroic actions, which is where the Sagittarius Woman’s generous nature likely stems.She seeks to act as a hero to those in need whether they are human or animal.Jupiter offers the influence of liberalism, positivity, optimism, cheerfulness, and when the circumstances are right, it can lend to the profitable nature of an endeavor.The Sagittarius Woman sees Jupiter’s influence manifest in her dutiful, sincere, authentic, law-abiding, truthful, and honest nature.Jupiter’s influence allows the Sagittarius Woman to feel free.She has no problem going with the natural flow of things.Or, she might come rushing toward you for a passionate kiss only to misjudge the distance between the two of you and ultimately ends up smacking into you so hard for a kiss she bites her lip and chips a tooth!She’s shy too, so you’ll find her blush with embarrassment whenever her nervousness results in clumsy acts: But this too is something you end up loving about her.

Clumsy or not, once you make love, her emotions are intense as is the lovemaking session.On a personal level, her strength, fortitude, and remarkable personality draw you in, as this Sagittarius Woman forges ahead in her world trying to better or enhance everything around her.This is the kind of woman who is respectful of personal boundaries, even when she holds an opinion contrary to your own.If the planetary influence is positive in the Sagittarian Woman’s natal chart, she will have an abundant, healthy, prosperous life, but if the planet is afflicted, its energies turn unfavorable and can cause a taste for the extravagant or extreme and careless behaviors, particularly in the realm of spending.For the Sagittarius Woman, falling in love with someone else is all too easy.

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Her generous nature and amiable personality are so appealing, you sometimes wish you could hug her and bottle up her enthusiastic attitude!