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Dating royal crown derby porcelain

Many of the items in the A1018 - A1059 pattern range have been acquired from the US and were most probably intended for export, as the Board of Trade restrictions on production for the home market were not lifted until 1952.royal-crown-derby-dragon-pattern-made-for-lawleys-9684" data-lightbox-theme="dark" href=" GBTodd I8p Dm48k AUILry J2N2k R5j UFPVVIIN7g Qa3H78H3Y0txjaiv_0f Do Ovxcd Mm MKk Dsy Uq MSs MWx Hk725yii HCCLfrh8O1z4YTz Hvn Khyp6Da-NYro OW3ZGjo BKy3azqku80C789l0n Qwvin DXPV4EYh2MRzm-RQI-MSYllih3A461D7ZLSG2a Knz F2p JTFAp4vb8Nv60f Q/royal-crown-derby-dragon-pattern-made-for-lawleys-9684.The green factory mark above appears on ware produced during the 1939-45 wartime period.It can be seen on undecorated ware, and on pieces acquired as blanks and then decorated elsewhere (See "Decorated by Others") It also appears on patterns A228 (Posie), A420, A603 Glenmont (The entirely hand painted version), A713 Red Maple, A814 Medway, A941 Wentworth, A943 (Wentworth Variant) and A999 Melody.This denotes "Seconds" quality and is very often "overlooked" by internet sellers. They were used somewhat sporadically during the period under question, and then on flat ware but not on hollow ware (i.e.cups, vases etc.).The impressed marks are often difficult to read, being underglaze, and can therefore be rather misleading.

The first image above shows a factory mark from the King Street works, the production of which is not included in this site. See also the "Dirigo Inc Chicago" and "Neiman Marcus" examples below.JPG" class="image-slide-anchor content-fit" royal-crown-derby-bone-china-factory-mark-red" data-lightbox-theme="dark" href=" GBTodd I8p Dm48k J8Hq ZH88C3N8w Okyb5qc Jd Zw-z PPgdn4j Uw Vc JE1Zv WQUxwkmy Exgl Nq Gp0Iv TJZam WLI2zv YWH8K3-s_4yszcp2ry TI0Hq TOaa Uohr I8PIVUKdd7l Ce MFaq Z3CJIGj N0Gvh24BZSLZO71v Bwg G1OUKMsh LAGzx4R3EDFOm1k BS/royal-crown-derby-bone-china-factory-mark-red. S (perhaps this stands for "imperfections") and the "BOW" over stamp. Usually the word "DERBY" is included but sometimes only the date cipher is impressed.JPG" class="image-slide-anchor content-fit" royal-crown-derby-bone-china-factory-mark-gold" data-lightbox-theme="dark" href=" GBTodd I8p Dm48k ESaf9y6b BX9s Rrsv YGO3ZZZw-z PPgdn4j Uw Vc JE1Zv WEt T5u BSRWt4v QZAg TJuco Tqq Xj S3Cf NDSuuf31e0t VHVMUa Y9fnj Fox PAx Vxexb DT65Hv_n-JGK3Ki VR69Nf BJ1z DMfxjo XGDCxwz3Y9Vxg/royal-crown-derby-bone-china-factory-mark-gold.jpg" class="image-slide-anchor content-fit" The first two factory marks are scratched through. As much of the output up to, during and in the first seven years after the war was produced for export, only seconds quality or undecorated surrey shape ware was available to purchase in the UK. Unfortunately a piece could have been potted and then stored away for years before actually being decorated.I have also have a dinner plate in the silver shape with pattern A1120 Pinxton Roses.Again there is no date cipher but a similar mark appears on the limited edition Coronation loving cups and trays dated 1953, so it was probably used between 1942-53.

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All the ware is in the "Surrey" shape and there is no date cipher.

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