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Dating pro includeconfig php

you can also use this type define to get exact path of root directory.

So, it won't mess if the file is in whatever directory in whatever (!

Also if you have a large MVC framework, it make sense to compile structure "file/path/to/class.php" to something like this "file_path_to_class.php", it will speed up any type of php files includes, becouse php interpreter will not check FS stat data for directories "file", "file/path", "file/path/to", etc.

[EDIT BY danbrown AT php DOT net: Contains a typofix (missing ')') provided by 'Joe B' on 09-JUN-2011.] There's been a lot of discussion about the speed differences between using require_once() vs. I was curious myself, so I ran some tests to see what's faster: - require_once() vs require() - using relative_path vs absolute_path I also included results from strace for the number of stat() system calls. METHODOLOGY:------------The script (test.php):/* * Uncomment one at a time and run test below. */ //require ('/www/includes/'); //require ('../../includes/'); //require_once ('/www/includes/'); //require_once ('../../includes/'); The test: I ran ab on the script with a different require*() uncommented each time: ab -n 1000 -c 10 average time it took to run once:require('absolute_path'): 0.000830569960420require('relative_path'): 0.000829198306664require_once('absolute_path'): 0.000832904849136require_once('relative_path'): 0.000824960252097The average was computed by eliminating the 100 slowest and 100 fastest times, so a total of 800 (1000 - 200) times were used to compute the average time.

This was done to eliminate any unusual spikes or dips.

You cann use this wrapper class, it is faster than include_once Wrapper.class.php")include Wrapper::require_once("Class1.class.php");include Wrapper::require_once("Class1.class.php");include Wrapper::require_once("Class2.class.php") Friendly reminder about namespaces...

Including or requiring a PHP file that defines as namespace means that the namespace name (or its "use ...

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