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Dating out of your league

Unless your definition of quality just means physical looks. Your own concept of league can be heavily skewed, and if someone's interested, you shouldn't worry about them being out of your league. He did nothing for a living, lived with his parents, and played games all day while she is working for Sony and cosplays professionally on the side.But I’ve seen physically attractive people fail so that can’t be the end all be all factor. At the same time, people generally date their best options, and the really attractive/successful people therefore tend to date attractive/successful people. It will be 10 years in April they will have been together (they started in highschool).Unless they're equally financially 'distinctive'. It's not like there are others in that 'league' who are enormously attracted to the morbidly obese - it's more a case of mutual desperation at that point.Outside of celebrities and the morbidly obese / literally disfigured (i.e.: people several standard deviations outside of normative appearance and circumstances), most people are a lot more flexible about the general populations perception of their partners than the 'league' idea gives credence to.Once you get to know someone, their personality really can massively affect your perception of their attractiveness. Some people definitely will not date someone they don’t perceive to be their equal on a physical level despite how good your personality may be.I’d say the girl I’m currently seeing is more attractive than I am but we do have an amazing connection with each other. These people tend to have pretty ephemeral relationships, but that's what they prefer.Learn more about how Oath collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data.

Friends and family are far less likely to accept you, and will work to try to split you two apart.

People date in their league, unless they have a trait that bumps/downgrades them.

Sometimes that trait is personality based (like someone's sense of humour), sometimes that trait is "baggage" (parents usually date other parents), and sometimes that trait is sexual (ex: a guy that is well known for being good at pleasing his partner is probably more likely to get sexy dates).

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It's not that there are various leagues and this hypothetical guy operates in one.