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Dating ohone lines

Similarly, putting a phone in the fridge will cause condensation both in and out of its shell, which can damage electronic components. Too often, people leave GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi options turned on, even when they don’t need them.

Turning off unneeded apps can end overheating and save battery life.

Every once in a while a faulty charging cable can cause the charging unit to malfunction.

If the heat is mostly concentrated around the cable port, then you might consider switching to another cable.

Much like PCs, gaming on a smartphone taxes the CPU and GPU to their limits, which causes them to generate a lot of heat.

When a phone gets hot, the battery is usually the first place to look.

Even moreso if the heat is coming from the back of the phone.

Better still, turn on Airplane Mode when you don’t plan on using your phone. Updating is essentially another name for optimizing.

The more optimized an app is, the fewer resources it uses, which translates to less of a likelihood that it will heat up your phone.

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While almost everyone’s heard of them, what few people know is that the sudden onslaught of cryptocurrencies has spawned a dark industry.

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