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I grew up in a household where my mother was the breadwinner.My father is a self-employed contractor who often found himself sitting around at home when business was slow (and in the nineties, business was slow a ).Stay-at-home dads are asked if they are “in transition.” No one asks a man at a dinner party how his kids are doing in school. ” People are not okay with a man not having career ambitions, with a man not climbing the ladder. He works so he can be with me, so he can contribute to our family, so he can pay the vet bills. The man I love doesn’t define himself by his career; he defines himself by his relationships with those around them. Who is anyone to say that he must define himself in a certain way?I am not making a mistake by marrying a man who earns less than me.

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She encouraged me to pursue my own education, but also not to settle for a partner who didn’t earn enough so I could stay home while my children were young.

When I first met my partner, he was taking a college program in technology, which pleased my mother enough for her to approve of my dating him.

Even if she earns more, it’s because he works in a low-paid but meaningful job.

People are deeply unsettled to see a woman with so much potential “marrying down.” Here is the problem.

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