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Dating materials using radioactive isotopes

A beta particle is shown with the Greek letter beta and is an electron that is emitted from the nucleus.

Now, this might sound a bit odd to you, because you do not typically think about electrons being inside of a nucleus.

When they do, they release energy and get transformed into different nuclides.

It's as if the nucleus is feeling too full of energy and it has to get rid of some, much like a hyperactive child who is so full of energy that he cannot stay seated in his chair.

We call the unstable nuclide that undergoes radioactive decay the parent nuclide and the nuclide that results from the radioactive decay the daughter nuclide.

This is a fairly easy concept to remember because it is as if the original nuclide is giving birth to the new nuclide, much like a human parent and daughter relationship.

When a gamma ray is emitted, the atomic nucleus releases energy, so we will see gamma decay taking place in a nucleus where the energy is too high.

Radiometric dating is sometimes referred to as radioactive dating.

To better understand how radiometric dating helps us determine the age of rocks, it will help us to gain a better understanding of how elements decay.

Radioactive decay is the term used for the process by which an unstable atomic nucleus loses energy by releasing radiation.

Gamma rays can travel through your body but not through lead.

That is why if you ever had an x-ray of your teeth, your dentist first laid a heavy lead apron over your chest, so the gamma rays only penetrated your cheek and not the rest of your body.

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When we talk about an alpha particle, we use the first letter of the Greek alphabet, which is here.