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If you’re feeling insecure about not living up to someone else’s legacy, be honest and vulnerable with your partner, making widower dating easier to navigate.

Ask questions about widow dating, listen carefully, and don’t come to conclusions about the deceased spouse or the previous relationship.

Therapy groups offer additional networks of emotional care.Everyone mourns differently, so widows/widowers must be careful not to let other people dictate the speed of their recovery.” Tink333: “This is variable, and having been married to a widower, been widowed and later marrying another widower as well as encountering several men on the widow/widower board, I have noticed that men seem to be ready earlier than women.Also, if the person was terminally ill and that illness took a long time to run its course, the widowed person may have done a lot of grieving prior to the actual occurrence of death and might be ready to date earlier than ‘the experts’ predict.I should have done that prior to entering the relationship.” It’s a reasonable concern, worrying that a widow(er) will compare the next relationship to the one that came to a tragic end.Keep in mind that it’s human nature to compare every relationship to a previous one, but that not every comparison is a bad one.

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I would have been dating again within a year if I had not been in a car accident that put me out of action for nine months.

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