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These findings unite the paleontological and molecular data pertaining to the evolution of bilaterians.

Synthetic Genetic Evolution of polymers, broadly referred to as XNAs, can replicate and evolve just like their naturally occurring counterparts DNA and RNA.

It remains a mystery what these embryos would have grown up to become but some of the spheres had polygonal patterns that look similar to those seen on fossilized embryos from a Cambrian worm-like creature.

The new species plus seven other fragmentary fossils are described in a study published in the December 5th 2016 issue of Evidence that Evolution Trends Towards Increasing Body Size - A new study of the evolution of marine animals has found evidence that Cope's Rule, which hypothesizes that animal lineages evolve toward larger body size over time, is true.

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Fossil shows how whales evolved from walkers to swimmers The fossils of a possible whale ancestor that walked on land 50 million years ago is giving us new insights on how whales evolved into swimmers, according to findings published the April 2019 issue of Cell-like chemically active droplets may contain clues about origins of life.

Chemically active droplets that grow and divide like cells may have been key to the origins of life, according to a study published in the December 2016 issue of .

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As possibly the first muticellular animals, Otavia could well be the forerunner of dinosaurs, humans-basically everything we think of as "animal." Read more......

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