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Dating for cat owners

Match has found whether the animal you choose to have for a pet actually affects your love life.Cecily 62% of female cat owners think that having such a pet comes with it's own set of preconceptions.As the stigma still exists, Instagrammer Holly-Marie Cato has captured images of single female cat owners in their own environments.The pictures highlight their beauty, pride and confidence alongside their cat.My cat is a big part of my life and I would never hide the fact that I have a cat.""Not every single female that has a cat is a crazy cat lady.I'm a 23-year-old sales manager and consider myself to be pretty normal.

The women that have allowed us to come into their home and document their relationship with their cats have been a mixture of fun, sophisticated, creative and cool, and all have a shared love for their four legged furry friends.""If your date owns a cat, you've truly hit the dating jackpot.Due to this stereotype, 21% would wait to gauge how their date felt about cats before telling them they have one at home.The reality is- the majority of Brits who own cats aren't afraid to post pictures of them on Instagram and visit cat cafes.However we now have two new surveys which reflect on both of those issues.The first survey was taken by Direct Line Pet Insurance and K9 Media.

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