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Dating english pewter

Unfortunately this was said to have led to abuses of power.

Pewterers not well-liked by the guild would find themselves in trouble more often.

Many good examples of this can be seen in Miss Chichester's Museum, next door to the Boudoir.

The most familiar manifestation of this is in the traditional beer tankard.

By the 18th century, the use of pewter tableware and drinkware reached it's peak.

The shape is, for perhaps obvious reasons, known as the bell­footed pattern and, although typically English in manufacture, the original influence was Dutch, a nation with whom the English traded heavily during the 16th and 17th centuries.

The wealthy no longer considered the use of pewter to reflect their social status since it had become more affordable to the masses.

This was caused partly by the emergence of Britannia metal and the Industrial Revolution which made large scale production a reality with a corresponding fall in prices.

Indeed it is often said that beer tastes best from a pewter tankard which also has the advantage of keeping the contents cold.

Made around 1610 by Caspar Enderlein of Nuremburg, this dish is one of a handful of identical pieces by Enderlein of which only a few now survive, including one in the Louvre.

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Another German piece, this flask (' Prismenflasche' to give it its proper name) dates from the late­17th century.